Principles are broad guidelines that can be applied to numerous situations in multiple ways. They hold an intention around the quality of human engagement. We believe that principles help us to create the intentional parameters that enable the conditions for transformational change.

Recently Added:

8. Expansion

Expansion in Design accounts for multiple dimensions in scope and scale; the behaviour of the whole is more than the sum of the parts Expansion is the ability to flex to different scope (what are we doing together?) and scale … Continue reading

7. Excursion

Excursion in Design navigates the journey and multiple realities-zooming in and zooming out-in the shift moving from current to desired state Excursion implies movement from current to a desired state, from one reality to another, looking at the forest through … Continue reading

6. Evolution

Evolution in Design is creating the conditions to enhance human potential and raise consciousness Evolution = shift = transformation Our assumptions as designers and as leaders: People want and can get better at something When we are better people we … Continue reading

5. Emergence

Emergence in Design enables learning from whatever happens—having the courage to take the risk in ambiguity. Emergence is often experienced as unpredictable, unexpected, messy or chaotic—all those things you never imagined could happen!   No matter how well you design a … Continue reading

4. Energetic

Energetic in Design is to go slow to go fast—the tension between intention, attention and integration. Energetic in design would be very different in how it’s experienced by differing cultural groups – “being” cultures as different from the “doing” cultures. … Continue reading