7. Excursion

Excursion in Design navigates the journey and multiple realities-zooming in and zooming out-in the shift moving from current to desired state

Excursion implies movement from current to a desired state, from one reality to another, looking at the forest through the trees, the big picture and the details…gaining perspective from multiple viewpoints.  What does this make possible?   It increases choice, resources, possibilities for navigating the terrain and perspective on current state with respect to desired state.  What might be possible in human engagement if we designed for opening people’s hearts and minds to new ways of seeing the world?

Consider your own energetic when getting ready for a trip to a country you’ve never visited before.  How do you go about designing your experience?  Do you research the culture, the landscape, language, history, and the protocols of being in that country?  This is a zooming in and out to get an even larger perspective to navigate your journey and to be as open to a new reality as well as your own, from your cultural point of view.

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