6. Evolution

Evolution in Design is creating the conditions to enhance human potential and raise consciousness

Evolution = shift = transformation
Our assumptions as designers and as leaders:

  • People want and can get better at something
  • When we are better people we make better things, deliver better services, we can be high performing!
  • When we are able to see more of the bigger picture, we are more able to understand our role, responsiblize ourselves and take action around our impact.
  • When we want to do something better or do more of it, then we have to stretch our learning edges.
  • Readiness: To evolve or shift (behavior, learning, perspective, awareness) we have to recognize where we are, how we got here, where we want to be—seeing our potential and becoming aware of possibilities—and we must be able to see ourselves in the picture.
  • We can always get better….! Well there’s no guarantee!

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