We partner with people responsible for engaging change and complexity in human systems. We co-create environments that develop innovative and adaptive capacities to respond to rapidly shifting demands, while also integrating people with resources and sustainable practices.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Adult and Development Learning
  • Leadership Development
  • Design of Learning Environments
  • Assessments & Evaluation
  • Intercultural Engagement
  • Multi-stakeholder Collaboration
  • Interpersonal Communications and Team Dynamics

Design of the Designer Development

  • Design Studio Series — engages people responsible for change and complexity in human systems. The foremost design is of “the designer.”
  • Design Charrette — is a focused, short duration, innovation session where a group of people (who have a vested interest along with a particular expertise and perspective) work collaboratively to develop new ideas and approaches to address an issue or challenge.
  • Design Mentoring — is a peer learning intensive that involves small group mentoring, full group engagement as resources and individual design coaching in the context of real change work in real time.
  • Design Coaching — deepens your capacity to discern key conditions and make effective design decisions for human system engagement and emergence.

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  • Design ACE-it process — is an innovative peer process for gaining fresh perspective and new design ideas.  This highly interactive, minimum structured consultative process employs a laser-focused, 90-minute model to flesh out new thinking about a specific design conundrum.

Capacity Building

  • Strategic Thinking and Strategic Engagement/Planning
  • Organization Culture Change — Creating Healthy Workplace Culture
  • Designing for Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Personal Leadership and Team development

o Coaching for Success – Individuals and Teams
o Team Chartering Framework and operating agreements

Assessments Supporting Our Offerings

  • Readiness for Engaging with Change
  • Assessing Current Life and Workplace Conditions
  • Leadership Development and Practices

o Learning Style and Personality Profiles
o Emotional Intelligence Profiles
o Leadership Circle Profile