Principles are broad guidelines that can be applied to numerous situations in multiple ways. They hold an intention around the quality of human engagement. We believe that principles help us to create the intentional parameters that enable the conditions for transformational change.

Recently Added:

3. Embodiment

Embodiment in Design explores other ways of knowing—body, mind, heart and spirit Embodiment happens when you learn through experience. Let’s imagine for a moment that you’ve been taking Spanish lessons once a week for 6 weeks.  You have a sense … Continue reading

2. Elegance

Elegance in Design is complex in nature yet simple in execution. Elegant design has layers of discrete, step by step processes that build upon each other in ways that expand our capacity to hold more conceptually and increases the prospect … Continue reading

1. Empathy

Empathy in Design is to connect before content – build relations to hold the field Empathy is about building rapport and mutuality. Imagine you are about to design a conversation for a group of stakeholders with diverse perspectives around a … Continue reading