10. Efficiency

Efficiency in Design is meeting people where they are at – Match, Pace, Co-Lead – towards wherever they want to go

Efficiency means being able to quickly tap into what has heart and meaning for people.  Have you ever asked a question of a group of people that was simply too big for them to get their arms around?  For example, I asked a group of students, what was their ‘life’s calling’ as a prompt to their large group discussion.  They looked at each other then looked at me like a group of deer in the bright headlights with no clue as to what they should do or how they should start.  Quickly reframing the question to “what is the impact you wish to make in the world” and breaking students into small groups enabled them to dig into this conversation.  I tapped into what had heart and meaning for them, with a question that was a smaller scale, using language that they could relate to and created a less vulnerable environment, the safety of smaller groups for shared reflection.  This is what we call “chunking down” (to smaller elements) and “chunking up” (to larger perspective).

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