ACE-it! ~ A source of fresh ideas…

As a practitioner, where do you turn when you are really ‘stumped’ by a design conundrum?

This is a unique opportunity to bring a burning question that you have just not been able to design into or resolve for yourself.

We recommend using The Design ACE-it!

  1. a highly structured peer consulting process
  2. that enables innovative thinking and fresh ideas
  3. primarily in service to a sole presenter of ‘their design conundrum’
  4. is also a learning environment for the peer participants
  5. BECAUSE this process itself is ultimately “a take away” that each participant can readily use elsewhere in workplaces and consultative engagements.

If you have experienced the ACE-it! and want to have a PDF of the 45/60-minute version, you can download here.   ACE-it ODF 2016 45-60 min

Also, you will find short video clips (on Vimeo) explaining and representing an ACE-it experience we offered through the Organization Design Forum (ODF):