It’s important to inquire into the existing cultural perspectives alive and well in your system. This is not a judgement but simply what is getting you what you’ve always had. The table below represents a comparison of two commonly held cultural views. Which one best describes your working culture?

Outside-In =
Expert-Based Culture
Inside-Out =
Learning-Based Culture
1. You believe what you see.1. You see what you believe.
2. You see Others, Objects and Events separate from you.2. You see your Self in Others, Objects and Events.
3. You figure out Others, Objects and Events by reducing them to parts.3. Learn from your experience of Others, Objects and Events.
4. You design, plan and act on how to fix Others, Objects and Events4. You act to create learning interactions. You fix your Self first.
Expert-Based CultureLearning-Based Culture
Do it ‘right” the first timeThe “right’ way is to learn from whatever you do.
Skills to do it ‘right’Learning skills to learn
Look outside yourselfLook inside yourself
Prescriptive proceduresDescriptive of Self, Events and Others
Procedure ManualSelf Knowledge