Recent activities:

September 2023:  We each have been operating more independently for the past five years — partly due to COVID and partly due to each choosing new pathways to contribute in a rapidly changing world. We continue to support each other and are building upon our many years of organization and leadership development work. The best way to get an update is to be in touch with Michael directly:  


Laying the foundation for offering the Design of the Designer journey in 2024:

  • Collaborative Co-Design Coaching for colleagues and change agents preparing to design and/or deliver new offerings of their own works;
  • Engaging in the co-creation of Communities of Practitioners ‘practicing’ ways to learn from and with each other in community, ‘as’ community, for community — a new form of personal and professional development forum utilizing individual projects as the focus for design learning and enhancement, drawing on the expertise of the community members as a resource for self and design development;
  • Choosing-to-choose… exploring the nature of meaning-making = Investigating how we construct our realities, exploring meaning-making and relevance (in how that meaning makes us) in our life. How we orient in and orienteer through our realities; navigating and negotiating our human journey and opening into life’s potential by Choosing to Choose…to learn from whatever happens while simultaneously bringing out the best in oneself and others.